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Online Medical Terminology Basics Course
George H. Kelley, CPCAMBA CEU approved

In the U.S., 80 percent of the fastest growing careers are in medical and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields.

Basic Medical Terms  Interactive Course with Textbook

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Course is approved for 3 CE units by the AMBA.

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Low Internet prices the Medical Terminology-1, Basic textbook/tutor with our low Internet prices.

About this Medical Terminology Course Basics

This medical terms course is unlike any other.  We are entirely Web based with no download and no installation required. Just register and go.  Pages are designed to reduce eye strain and increase readability.  When an incorrect homework answer is given, all choices show up immediately with the correct answer and the incorrect ones are explained.  Phonic sound-it-out pronunciations are standard.  A rapid Search routine for words/phrases from throughout the entire book becomes an instant dictionary and glossary/reference.  A Readiness Meter indicates when ready for the Final/Exam.  Print and frame your Certificate of Accomplishments after successful completion.  Everything needed to learn is included for this course.

Our guarantee

Full money-back guarantee if you follow our learning instructions, score at least 85% correct on five of our Final tests, and you are still not accepted at a college or university.

But, you say, “I like printed textbooks better.”  Yes, you like to underline and highlight text in the book that you think is important, and read the text five times over.

Problem: Research by Prof. John Dunlovsky, Kent State University, shows that is actually the worst method to learn anything. 95% of students are struggling in this incorrect way, 4% happen to do it correctly by instinct, the remaining 1% of you are geniuses and don’t need any help.  Which group are you in?

What is the correct way to learn efficiently and with a minimum of effort?  The answer comes free with any of our textbooks.

This medical terminology ‘Basic’ words introductory course with textbook earns 3 CE units from the AMBA upon successful completion.  Our first medical terminology course will give you the necessary skills to understand and break down any medical term, even if it is a term not listed in this course.  And it is the first step to learn Medical Billing.  As you complete each chapter, you are expanding your medical vocabulary and build a solid foundation for understanding and comprehension of what comes in the next two courses: Anatomy & Physiology Terms and Definitions, and
Disorders & Diseases Terms and Definitions.

Word Building Basics  Root Words and Combining Forms
Prefixes  Suffixes
Signs  Symptoms
Disease  Acute Conditions and Illnesses
Chronic Conditions and Illnesses  Mental Disorders
Medical Treatments  Medical Abbreviations 1 & 2
Medical Laboratory 1 & 2  Pharmacology

Healthcare students and technologists in areas such as nursing, medical assisting, paramedics, physical therapy, radiology technicians as well as medical transcription–, medical records–, medical coding-, and billing specialists all benefit from taking this course.

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Low Internet prices the Medical Terminology-1, Basic textbook/tutor with our low Internet prices.

By documenting on your application form that you are proficient in the basic medical terms used in the medical professions shows an admissions officer or recruiter that you have the initiative and the capacity to learn this material, or that you are productive in your new job starting from day one.


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