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Rolf W. Seebach

The digital revolution is coming to textbooks at last.  That effort is not to be confused with Google’s current project that copies classic volumes to the Internet.  The Google method is unsuitable for the new generation of textbook.  While online interactive textbooks require more work and attention from authors and publishers in the beginning, in the end they are easier to maintain and update, and offer a better and longer-lasting learning experience.  Also, printing/distribution costs are greatly reduced.

The Amelox online interactive College Tutor© series consists of regular textbook chapters, which are followed by practice questions and answers.  These answers provide the rationale for why an answer is correct — and why the others are not — for high-intensity but convenient learning.  Enter a short phrase in the Search routine and instantly paragraphs show up where that phrase is used, similar to a Glossary of Terms.

The College Tutor uses the latest browser technology.  It means that nothing has to be downloaded from the Web, or installed from CDs.  All panels display as regular Web pages.

Teachers are able to create exams with the help of the College Tutor databases, which can be given securely in class over the Internet.  A student who is laid up in a hospital can still take the test together with all others at the appointed time.  Students with computer problems can be handed regular exam papers.  Afterwards, exams are evaluated and analyzed for the teacher.  Classes can have up to 500 students.

Normally, a textbook has to be revised even before the first edition goes on sale since students want to buy new books; that is a never-ending drudgery.  Not so with the College Tutor.  Changes and additions are made easily while the current semester is still in session.

Since the College Tutor accepts sound, graphics, and video the sky is the limit as to what individuals can learn in this multi-media environment.  A subject can have up to 60 chapters.

Financial safeguards are built-in to assure that our authors get paid. For instance, there are various time limits to prevent overstay, the subjects cannot be downloaded as with eBooks, and the College Tutor pages cannot be printed.

Digital textbooks are the wave of the educational future that saves big money for Government and students alike and utilizes exceptional ‘green technology’ with a minuscule carbon footprint for a little electricity.  Landfills are no longer flowing over with millions of discarded textbooks every year.

College Tutor authors are wanted to help ensure that those who want to learn can do so.  Whether that is a foreign language such as French, Spanish, or Arabic; how to complete intricate mechanical assemblies, study academic or corporate subjects, or learn military weapon systems, the College Tutor is the unsurpassed vehicle for such tasks.  If writing is something you like to do, then why not think about becoming a College Tutor author?  Being a textbook author enhances job security, prestige, recognition by peers, and can bring lucrative consulting contracts from Government agencies and corporations.

If you want to be at the forefront of modern education, apply to be an Amelox College Tutor author today.  It could mean a world of difference for you. Click here for more info

Contact Amelox Incorporated (since 1993) for more information about their authoring program by e-mailing us: textbooks@amelox.org and type "Author Inquiry" into the subject field.

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