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Product List
ItemDescription1 – 4 units
Study Guide Universal Study Guide for effective learning any subject.
Comes free with purchase of any course/iTextbook below.
Biology Biology Science and the Wonders of Life
Two-Semesterplus Course
Chemistry Chemistry
Two-Semesterplus Course
Calculus Calculus Course.  $129.00 
P.M.H.N. Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing prep course.  $149.00 
Medical Terminology-1 The Basics. Word Construction and Definitions.
Earn 3 Continuing Education units.
Medical Terminology-2 Anatomy and Physiology.
Earn 3 Continuing Education units.
Medical Terminology-3 Disorders and Diseases.
Earn 3 Continuing Education units.
Agent (Realtor)Real Estate Agent (Realtor) License Preparation. $79.00 
Broker Real Estate Broker License Preparation $99.00 
Curso Computación Mis primeros pasos con la computadora $20.00 

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System Requirements. The College Tutor is self-contained; there is nothing extra to buy.  Everything works off your Web browser just like this page. No need to download or to install the program — you register and go.

Financial Assistance.  You may be eligible. Inquire at the many social clubs and charitable foundations in your area for specific information.  Try the Kiwanis, Masons, Rotari International, Shriners, Lions Club International. These are but some of the largest. There are hundreds more, search around in your area.

What about a federal student loan?  CAUTION! Such loans can be on your head for the rest of your life.  They cannot be retired, not even by declaring bankruptcy. Your wages and co-signer (parents); Social Security payments will be garnished.  They are the lowest cost now, but if you get into trouble paying it back....  Don’t believe it? Fair enough. Do the research before you sign on the dotted line.

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