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Madame Curie

This interactive online Chemistry textbook is for a multi-semester comprehensive course —plus additional material at the school board’s and teacher’s discretion—, suitable for high school–, advanced placement–, and college entrance classes  The book content has been aligned with Next Generation State Standards (NGSS).

Besides presenting each chapter in a simple language, we use an investigative and innovative approach toward learning: The Question & Answer sections are specifically designed for this purpose.

We have emphasized that students should minimize rote learning and emphasize the understanding of concepts through rationalized thinking.  The book aligns with three basic sections of Chemistry: Physical, Inorganic, and Organic.

Students are provided with all the essential fundamentals of Chemistry.  Then we delve into atomic structure, electromagnetic spectrum, and give students a comprehensive overview of the interaction of matter with radiation.  Besides providing all classical theories of atomic structure, we also let students have a sneak preview of quantum mechanics through photons.

The book further establishes a deep connection with various concepts of chemical bonding, including hybridization and valence bond theory.  We make students understand how gases were perceived to be obeying “ideal gas laws” and their “real behavior” through various theories and experiments.  A glimpse of promising fields of Chemistry has also been illustrated in various chapters, such as ElectroChemistry, BioChemistry, and Chemistry in Everyday Life.

Students learn about various electrochemical cells, including the Daniel Cell and Lead Batteries.  BioChemistry makes us evolve into the integration of biochemical systems of the human body and their resultant chemical reactions with the human body.  We learn what differentiates a carbohydrate and a fat molecule.  Moving further, we learn about applications of Chemistry in pharmaceutical industry, drugs, polymers, and industrial chemicals.

The book simplifies organic Chemistry with a lucid overview of functional groups, and characteristic reactions of both aliphatic (straight chain) and aromatic (ring) compounds.  The Chemistry textbook dives into chemical characterization of elements based on the periodic table.  We have also laid stress on how chemical and physical properties of elements vary based on their position in the periodic table.  This is further elucidated as we explain the Chemistry of s-block and p-block elements.

To further understand chemical reactions both qualitatively and quantitatively, we have presented chapters on chemical kinetics and chemical equilibrium.  Stoichiometry gives a clear backbone on quantitative estimation as per chemical reactions, which are broadly bifurcated into four types.  To differentiate colligative properties, we first laid a firm foundation on various states of matter and the solid state: students can understand the intricate bonding of cohesive and adhesive forces holding intermolecular attraction.  They get a firm glimpse about carbon allotropes, like diamond and graphite.

Each chapter has a set of 40 to 50 Questions with Answers.  These are not just ordinary multiple choice questions.  We have laid stress on testing conceptual analysis and investigative approach of students.  Hence, all questions are aligned with Webb’s Depth of Knowledge 2 and 3, respectively.  We have paid only lip-service to rote memory. Therefore, simple questions aligned with Depth of Knowledge 1 are few in number.  Besides explaining a correct answer, we also provide concise explanations to the remaining three wrong answer choices for each question.

The textbook presents beautiful graphics that bring Chemistry to live.  The answer panel for each question can also include graphics to further encapsulate conceptual thought processes of students.  This textbook makes Chemistry fun and interesting for students and their teachers, regardless of their previous endeavors.

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