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Aprender el Idioma de la Medicina

George H. Keiley

palabras y frases médicas con pronuncuiation cuando se trabaja en los EEUU.

Conocimiento del idioma Inglés es necesario

“I wish I had something like it when I was studying for the MCAT!”

Dr. S. Weldon              

Todo el mundo que trabajan en el campo de la medicina tiene que saber médico y frases.  Colleges offer a terminology course but that wastes your money.  You have to learn and memorize the vocabulary all by yourself; a teacher cannot do that for you since there are no special sentence structures involved.  Use the extra money gained for another essential course to finish school earlier or to specialize.

We make it affordable to earn medical terminology certification to increase your chances of being accepted into medical school by demonstrating that you can learn medical terminology, or to land that well-paying job in the medical field.  If already certified, maintain current medical terminology certification from the AMBA with these convenient online courses.  That is a practical must for nurse practitioners.  How much can you save?  Take your tution cost for one semester and divide by the number of classes, usually four.  Compare that to our prices.  Some universities charge as much as $2,500 for the course and do not cover as much as we do.

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Upon successful completion of a course print your Certificate.  This allows applying for 3 CEU per course with the AMBA.  The certificate shows a school admissions officer, examiner, or potential employer demonstrated initiative, aptitude, and perseverance in learning medical terms with its definitions!

Get ready for that well-paying job in the medical field!

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