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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Amelox offer online Real Estate license courses?

No.  The professional Amelox Real Estate license preparation software supplements both the teacher’s lectures and the textbook by asking many more lesson review questions, by presenting those questions in a constantly changing variety to maintain interest and alertness, and by providing the correct answers instantly.

Does Amelox offer mail order courses?

No.  For the same reasons given above.

Does this material have the exact questions that appear on my personal exam?

In a word, NO.  That is not possible.  1) the questions are guarded like gold at Fort Knox.  2) The question booklets change for every exam at random and… your neighbor in the room has an exam that is different from yours; a double-scramble to make 110% sure that no peaking and no advance notification can take place. The national testing services have about 4000 questions in their arsenal.  Which of these 4000 appear in the 100 to 200 questions in your exam on that very day and hour is completely unpredictable.   Some of these will be on your test; many will not be.  Besides, our aim is to teach you well with our questions and to make you the best informed realtor in town.

But what about the latest regulations for my state or county? That sounds like a fine concern, but it is not.   There is a difference between ‘what is the latest’ and what is in state exams.  Your “latest” textbook (with this year’s copyright notice) was composed and written two to three years ago and printed during the year before!  These new things take time to filter through the process.  The national testing services operate in a dozen states and to keep all test booklets up to date is a time consuming and expensive job.  The broker you will be working for has all the pertinent information to keep you out of trouble.  And don’t forget, the exam pass cutoff is a “gentlemen’s C", or 70%, for Agent.  You can miss ten, even twenty questions and still pass.

This may also be a good time for a reality check: Real Estate is a mature industry; very little changes over time.  The last important change pertains to “do not call” provisions, which are enforced since 2004.  We do not have questions for that one because the rules are clear: Do not initiate unsolicited communication with prospetive clients. Do not become inventive about trying to circumvent the rule. Penalties can be up to $250,000 and loss of license. A prospective client must come to you first directly or through some other documentable and verifiable circumstances.

Before you e-mail or call

Be aware that we are not permitted to answer questions about your personal situation.  Those have to be addressed to your school or your state’s governing agency. Click on the Search button for URLs with information regarding particular requirements by state governments and schools in your area.

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