Who Is Amelox

Amelox  is an online interactive digital textbook (eTextbook) publisher.  Our main product is the College Tutor series of textbooks for high school and college grades.

Financial Stability Amelox is a Delaware corporation, privately funded with no debt.  Our solid financial infrastructure provides stability in an industry where companies come and go all too frequently.

History and current work  The company was founded in 1989 and entered the textbook market in 1993 in response to the need for help with a challenging community college course.  “Real Estate Principles” historically is a two-semester course that is now crammed into one semester to save time for impatient students.  Amelox’s first course — the College Tutor for Real Estate Agents — soon became a hit.  The College Tutor for Real Estate Brokers came next.  Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing and three Medical Terminology courses for Doctors, Dentists, Nurses and Billing/Insurance Coders came out early 2007.  High School Calculus was added in December 2012 with the approval by the State of California.  Two additional textbooks, high school Chemistry and Biology. according to federal States Common Core Standards (CCSS) and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) have benn completed and are ready for the 2018/2019 school year.

What sets us apart is that our iTextbooks can be a personal tutors. All problems are explained — including the wrong ones! — which is similar to a teacher’s textbook edition. It means that an iTextbook can be used as a regular textbook for class or as a self-teaching tool for motivated students when classes are not available.

In March 2009, the College Tutor program switched to online interactive computing.  Tedious download–unzip–install steps have been eliminated, and the College Tutor works with any operating system.  During the Summer of 2013 the College Tutor system became bilingual in English and Spanish.

Study Guide  The Amelox Study Guide, by Rolf Seebach, is in demand from English-speaking people around the globe.  Students and teachers are reading it from as far as Ethiopia and Vietnam.  We think the paper has value for students of all ages and nationalities.

Customers  The essence of customer satisfaction at Amelox is our commitment to quality, a commitment that begins with our programmers and extends into every phase of our operations.  You experience our quality with the bugs-free programs, the high executing speed, the ease to get started, and with the little details such as the minimizing of eye strain, to the insertion of Time-Out panels to reduce test anxiety, and to our exclusive Readiness Meter.

Loyalty  A properly functioning business is based on trust.  This trust must include employees, our academic contributors and suppliers.  Once a relationship has proved itself through honesty, competence, and reliability it is the policy of this company to reward loyalty in kind.